The First
Double-Sided Burp Cloth
The soft, water-proof burp cloth designed to keep messes away from baby's face and your clothes.
20% off

I need to shout it from the mountains- Burpgear is amazing! We all already know that the product is fantastic but I have to tell you that the company itself is amazing too! I found out on Monday that I as invited to a baby shower on Saturday, just days away. I shot Rachel an email asking if there was anything that we could do and, like magic, my order of four burpcloths was at my door BY WEDNESDAY- I still had time to procrastinate wrapping them.

Gotta love the innovation here! Special shout out to Ed for putting us on to Burpgear which has saved SOOO many of my shirts from the inevitable baby spit-up cos apparently burping the baby is Uncle Richie’s job!